Cashmere Mafia

by guestofaguest · January 7, 2008

    lucy liu

    [Lucy Liu is one tough bitch]

    We were so exhausted while watching last night's premiere episode of Cashmere Mafia that if you would have told us that we were watching a Sex and the City rerun on TBS, (you know the subdued versions) we would probably have not know the difference. This show IS Sex and the has the girly lunch chats, the women power trips coupled with trying to fit in work lives with their personal and family ones, and the "I really don't know what I would do without you girls" shit. Christ event the opening is similar with a catchy little tune shot to scenes of New York. The only difference is that Cashmere's Carrie Bradshaw is a very Asian Lucy Liu, oh, and there's no annoying narrator in the background. Which is why, if this show came before the one that changed New York into a city obsessed with Manolos and Cosmos, it would have probably been better. (But it didn't, it came second). The first scene is actually pretty cute, Lucy (who plays Mia) gets proposed by her boyfriend (played by Tom Everett Scott who is adorable), though the relationship ends at the end of the episode when we find out he's a pussy. Their relationship got us thinking of the phenomenon of white men dating asian women (but white women not really dating asian men)...

    For years people have pondered this pheonomenom, citing the 4 S's: submissiveness, style, size, and sexuality as reasons why white men are so attracted to the asian woman (we totally just made that up but it seems to fit). It's true, over 88.9% of asian women have dated white men, while only 47.9% of asian men have dated a white woman. Lucy herself was recently engaged to caucasion screenwrite Zach Helm. Apparently the white female is often times too much to handle, intimidating the asian man. This is such a problem that there are even guide books out there for Asian men interested in learning about how to go about dating a white woman. We are pretty sure, however, that the myth of the submissive asian woman living in America is just that....a myth, and if someone's going to help break that stereotype, it's going to be Lucy Liu.

    Lucy's character is one tough bitch....and a stylish one at that. Throughout the show, her character Mia coordinated some of the most original ensembles we've seen on network television, managing to stay remarkably feminine while pulling off the most masculine facade. Watching her was one of the only things worth watching in this show. However, because everyone across the world will be mocking this show's  unoriginality, we will highlight some of the things they did right:

    More things from CM: -Nanny's make 6 figures, get 2 months paid vacation, a car and a clothing allowance (plus room and board) this is completely how things work and we are totally in the wrong profession! -Every outfit Liu wore was awesome. The big earrings she wore with the gold and black dress were especially rad. (anyone know what they were?). -Points for dropping the most New York names humanly possible "I got you a table at Per Se and a seat at the Soho House Poker Table." (because that's SOOOO hard to do ha). -Priests are not that hot in real life, so please stop portraying them as such. (This is obviously for the entire entertainment industry at large). -Coined the GenID term as the generation that came after's the Generation "I Deserve" in which the youth are unaware of how dispensible they are (totally true). -This one has a real lesbian, not just Samatha testing out the waters....and she's HOT! (p.s. Liu herself has hinted at her real life bisexuality). -So accurate that the cheating husband would get spotted making out...Manhattan's really small, everyone knows that and yet it never stops us. Oh, we did find out that people have affairs at the Gansevoort (at least in the writer's minds).

    Alas, we still can't figure out why women across the world are obsessed with the New York woman's life style. Why are there no new shows based around tupperware parties and BBQ's...isn't that what the majority of this country's women do? The reason this show seems so familiar to us is because it is. This is how it is here. Get over it and lets all move on with our lives. We'll keep the outfits though.