Gossip Girl Is Back With "The Blair Bitch Project"

by Rachelle Hruska · April 22, 2008

    blair and serena [Photo via the CW]

    Monday night television is starting to emulate the Monday night party scene. Everyone knows that the best parties have always had their starts on Monday nights, (you think Butter was just a fluke?) What I realized last night is that the two most popular shows about young adult spoiled kids (The Hills and Gossip Girl) are now on the same night. A battle of the coasts. Well, everyone knows that GG is going to steal the thunder that was so carelessly bestowed upon The Hills. Scripted lines revolving around cocaine habits and designer dresses from Valentino sure beat staged convos at Hyde and People's Revolution shows. Also, our city is just a better backdrop. So, without further ado, (and realizing that there are about a trillion reflections out there online right now on last nights opener), here is what I thought of GG's return episode:

    The last time we left these crazy kids, Serena was talking Blair into sticking around (thank god, I probably wouldn't watch if she left). Last night's episode picked up at the start of a brand new school year....

    Well how could I NOT love the opening scene, it was of my fav character (Blair) portraying my other fav character (Holly G). Reconfirming my beliefs that this show was written exclusively for me.

    Serena and Dan are back to their "holier-than-thou" good kids routines, sipping hot cocoa on steps wrapped in a blanket. Dan is just way too much for me to handle, he needs to stop acting like he's 40 and enjoy high school.

    One of the best things about this show (as well as any current show or movie based in nyc) is that we all get to follow along with the parodies they make of places that we know. I love how the writers scripted in Jenny's birthday party set to be at "Socialista" oh and WITH "bottle service" don't forget...when we all know these girls were going to the restaurant, not the club and probably really didn't have a clue of the difference.

    Love the scene where Jenny owes $120 for brunch. They had obviously been at Nello's.

    The wardrobes were great as usual. Lots of bright colors, headbands, and scarves, the typical attire of an UES school goer. Oh what am I talking about? The only thing I was really DYING to have was Chuck Bass' whale zip sweater....WHERE DO I GET THIS??!?

    "Mia finally made it into Brody Jenner's cell phone." I had to let out a chuckle on this, it's just amazing how real life that comment from Serena was. I wonder how many other UES junior girls are in Mr. Jenner's blackberry.

    "Not going to Butter is so much better THAN going to butter." duh. Funny that these kids are still going there though, as I'm pretty sure this is on par with real life as well.

    News flash Chuck's Dad: Investing in "Club Victrola" aka "The Box" in exchange for good behavior from your son is probably not the best parental move you could come up with.

    Finally: I'm only going to say this one more time. High School aged siblings (ahem Jenny and Dan) do NOT have heart to heart talks between pink fury pillows. Ever. We were all done with the brother/sister characters after Brenda and Brandon perfected the shared bathroom in 90210. Stop acting like you care about each other's feelings. That doesn't happen until you're well into your 20's.

    I know you are counting down the days when Serena's visitor from the past (played by Michelle T) comes barking up on the UES of town. We are too....any underager that manages to send a bag of rack and a cart of champagne through the mail is sure to cause chaos.

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