Gossip Girl…every character has a disorder show.

by guestofaguest · November 29, 2007

    gossip girl

    Sorry it's has taken me so long to post on last night's episode.  I think part of the reason I put it off is because I though it was kindof boring.  It was their Thanksgiving episode complete with flashbacks from the previous year.  However, Chuck didn't even make an apperance and most of the episode focused around the "adults" which is always lame.  So anyway, not my favorite episode but watch-worthy as always, here's what I have to say:

    This was the episode when everyone's habitual "disorders" were highlighted.  First, they picked the wrong actress to have the "alcohol problem".  Blake Lively sucks at portraying a drunk highschooler...maybe it's because she looks like she's 27.  On to the next disorder, Blair's bulimia.  I really just love Leighton....she maybe inexperienced on all things marijuana but the girl knows how to binge!  Then of course Nate's bang's father OD'd on some pills, and there was even the subtle suggestion that Lily (Serena's mom)  had an alcohol abuse problem.  While it may seem like they are searching for material by giving everyone some kind of disorder...I am smart enough to know that this is how real life is and therefore, I'll buy it.

    Everytime I see Allison I hate her more and more.  Seriously, you just LEFT your husband and family and are upset that he shared an innocent kiss with someone he cares about?  Also she was in what I think was a Rebecca Taylor dress which is very unfitting if they really have no money.  Or maybe it is, a woman that leaves her family probably doesn't care about spending $500 on a dress even though they are living in an apartment in DUMBO.  Nothing more I really want to comment on...was ho hum throughout the episode.  Excited for next week when the focus will be off the gay adults and it seems clothing will be optional.