Gossip Girl...Going Out With A Bang

by guestofaguest · January 10, 2008


    [Serena getting caught buying preggers test]

    Last night's episode of Gossip Girl made me so happy.  It made me feel like the previous hours I had spent this season on the show were justifiable.  It had all the makings of a perfectly scripted teenage drama: a pregnancy scare complete with rumors attributed to the wrong person, a fight between best friends over a girl, awkward love scenes, pot smoking on the street, social climbers realizing that being at the top creates a monster out of them that they didn't know possible, and a dramatic ending between childhood girl friends underneath a spinning helicopter.  The lines were awesome, the clothing top notch, and the acting was superior compared to any other highschool drama I've followed (and believe me I've seen my share). 

    Not even "My so called Life" generated this kind of unaltered concentration out of me.  In fact there were only a couple things I can complain about: Serena and Dan still being annoying (though aren't all couples at that age?), Rufus' love life (part we could have done without), and Serena and Dan using their younger siblings as sounding boards (who would really do this?)  Other than that, here's just a taste of some of the reasons this episode was by far the best one of any show on TV this season:

    The hierarchical pyramid called life, played out during a highschool lunch on the steps at the MET.  "Jenny, can you move two steps down please?" Although I don't know where the newbie's came from, I didn't care.  These scenes were some of my favorite.

    Speaking of the mean girls club, did anyone else notice the coats and bags these girls were sporting?!  Blair not only rocked the black shiny Tory Burch coat, but came back in a red tweed Nannette Lapore.  Serena's striped Gucci Speedy Bag also evoked envy. Beats the Gap trench coats I owned in highschool.

    So nothing's new, I still hate Chuck...but his wardrobe is fucking awesome.  The yellow turtle neck with cardigan ensemble, (when he opened the door in it stating: "Please...call me brother", I almost died in laughter with how satirical the parody was), the scarf paired with the checkered coat with fur neck ensemble when fighting with Nate, the pink sweater...he is not afraid of himself, and his outfits just smell of effortless style and inherited money.  

    For a split second they had me believing that maybe Blair planned a pregnancy with Nate on purpose (to solidify their relationship), then I remembered that she was way too smart and confident to ever pull that shit "Maybe I AM a total bitch, did you ever think about that?" (B to S)

    Jenny bugs me, but the girl knows how to dress.  Her bright purple tights pair with emerald cardigan were so fitting for her age, she's annoyingly cute.

    The small additions throughout the show such as touching on Blair's bulimea, Chuck smoking a joint outside school, Jenny spying on her brother's date, everyone trying to figure out "Who's your daddy B?, that is your Baby's daddy" haha...they all seem so childish but they are exactly how highschool was.

    Three of the best. delivered. lines. ever:

    "You told your low rent boyfriend and he told his social climbing sister who wears my handme downs" (delevered perfectly by Blair to Serena)

    "Now you're like one of the Arabians my father used to want. Rode hard and put away wet.  I don't want you anymore and I can't see why anyone else would." (my mouth was literally HANGING on the floor when Chuck delivered this to Blair at Butai).

    "I COMMAND myself not to be pregnant!"  Has Blair been reading the Secret?

    So to sum up, "Queen B has been dethroned"...she almost left us for a semester in France, but alas Serena sweeps in to save the day and convince her to fight for her name back in a dramatic ending scene at the east side heliport station.  I knew my Blair had to stay, she is THE golden gem of the show, there is no way they are losing her. 

    For not meaning to be the season finale, this episode blew me away.  I really don't know how they could have done an ending any better, but am sad that I won't be able to find out.  Until next season..."You know you love me, xoxo."