There are two types of people in this world: people who wanna have sex with Coach Taylor, and people who wanna have sex with Tim Riggins. Actually, you know what? There's only one type of person in this world: people who wanna have sex with Coach Taylor AND Tim Riggins. And Tami Taylor. And yes, I'm including lesbians and heterosexual men in this proclamation. 

The Ringer has declared January 24th Tim Riggins Day. It was only a matter of time before this dude got his own holiday. I mean, he could have sexual tension with an expired jar of mayonnaise. I like to think December 25th is Coach Taylor Day because Coach Taylor is our lord and savior. And I like to think March 45th is Jason Street Day because no one fucking cares about Jason Street.

I really can't think of any great Tim Riggins moments off the top of my head. I'm honestly too busy objectifying him to notice what comes out of his mouth. Didn't he have an affair with his disabled bestie's girlfriend? And didn't he save Julie Taylor's life? She was the worst, he should've just let that one go. He was really cute with Bo, his next door neighbor who was like, 4 years old. And those scenes of him having good looking sex with Lyla were stupid hot, but she kinda sucked too. Wasn't he really mean to Tyra? She was so badass. 

So I guess the next couple of slides will be dedicated to how dead sexy our kegel fitspiration Tim Riggins is. I'm not saying the images themselves are NSFW, but maybe you should peruse them in the privacy of your own bedroom. Don't worry, Tim has that effect on us all.

[Photo via NBC]