How To Become The Next Olivia Palermo (Now's Your Chance!)

by Chiara Atik · October 26, 2010

    So, The City just got canceled. Sad news for Olivia Palermo, but good news for you! (You've been waiting for the opportunity to swoop in and become the next socialite it-girl, haven't you?) Our friends at Refinery 29 got their hands on a Casting Notice for North of Madison, the new reality show about

    Doron Ofir, the agency famous for casting Snooki in The Jersey Shore, are in charge of the casting, so you know there's gonna be a star in the making on this show.

    They don't specifically say they're looking for the next Olivia Palermo for this series (rather  "trendsetting New Yorkers to be the next big voice in fashion!"), but there's going to be an icy, icy void on reality TV come Spring.

    If North Of Madison wants to avoid the fate Stylista and Running In Heels, the reality vehicles that showcased the inner workings of Elle and Marie Claire, an Olivia-sized personality is required.

    As audience members (and future recappers?), we're looking for someone new to hate-love-admire-hate-but-secretly-wish-to-be. And it could be you!

    Someone between the ages of 21 and 28.

    Olivia is 24, but she's been on the New York socialite scene since she was 20. Just a hunch, but we're gonna go ahead and predict that the cast of this show will be on the younger, more eager end of the age spectrum. (28, in New York terms, is already so jaded...)

    Someone who will express their love and hate, but mostly hate, for current trends.

    Who's the most quotable person on The Hills? Not Whitney! We want to see a gorgeous young upstart whose pithy critiques will send a chill down your spine.

    Someone who isn't afraid to document their personal world.

    If Olivia had one failing as a Reality TV idol, it was probably her wish to keep her relationship with Johannes Huebl off-cameras. This reticence to open up completely to cameras (while, obviously, admirable) is probably what kept her from getting all the US Weekly covers and book deals her The Hills and The City co-stars enjoyed. Maybe if we were privy to a little of the Palermo/Huebl personal drama, the show wouldn't have gotten canceled this season....

    Someone who is ruthless.

    In terms of success in the Fashion World, "what it takes to get there is one thing. What it takes to stay there is another", Doron Ofir says, ominously. If you want to be the next Olivia Palermo, you've got to do whatever it takes, whether it be physical altercations with Tinsley Mortimer, sending out mass emails to New York's high society, or, when all else fails, getting daddy to help you out.

    "I may be a young girl, but behind every young girl is a powerful father." -O.P. in 2007

    Do you think you fit the bill for this? Email your Name, Phone number, Photo (make it a good one, obviously), and a short bio to, and let us know how it goes!