The Bachelor franchise is incredibly popular, often polarizing, and one of the most spoiled shows on television. If you're anything like me, this season you're more than ready to watch sexy pilot Peter Weber seek out the love of his life. I know, he wasn’t a lot of people’s first pick for Bachelor - there was a huge campaign for Mike Johnson to be chosen for the role, as the franchise has received quite a bit of fair criticism about their lack of diversity. But despite this, he's still one of the more well-received leads in the last few years. 

While Peter is convinced his season will not be spoiled, it's a battlefield out there of people just waiting to ruin each episode for you, even before they premiere. For fellow Bachelor fans just looking to honestly enjoy the roller coaster ride of a show, I've compiled my personal cautionary plan to avoid any and all spoilers. Godspeed!

[Photos via The Bachelor]