Matched In Manhattan, Not At All Representative Of NYC Relationship

by MADDY MADISON · February 8, 2008


    [Photo via Lifetime] Here in Manhattan, there are certain indignities that one must endure. In exchange for what, I’m not always sure. But I’m told there’ll be a huge payoff later. We do the sardine can routine on our morning subway commute. We pretend not to notice the stream of urine coming from the homeless guy, alarmingly close to our bench in Union Square. We accept the fact that everything good about this place will be whored out to various media outlets as they wring every drop of originality out of Manhattan life. (Gossip Girl excluded, natch.) In this grand tradition, Matched in Manhattan is poised to become another reason why Lifetime television will forever be an embarrassment to the female gender. The show stars two veterans from the NY Times wedding pages (mergers and acquisitions!) and covers such dating superstars as women with Hello Kitty shrines in their apartments. The man uses words like “matt-o-morphosis.” Without a trace of irony.

    In his personal blog, our gracious host offers insight into women’s mating behaviors by urging men to seek a variety of completely un-sexist locations like PTA meetings, bake sales, department stores, the dry cleaner’s and cooking classes. I’m tying my apron strings as we speak! Wait, I’m too barefoot and pregnant to leave my apartment.

    P.S. Before you start feeling too sorry for his wife, she’s a little conflicted too. Here she straddles the fence on the name-change question while he admits that it would be “enough to throw me over the edge.” We can dream, Matty.