When a certain 2009 reality show started trending on Twitter last month, I fought back the urge to light up a cigarette and declare, "NYC Prep... haven't heard that name in years." See, for someone who was not involved in the filming of Bravo's real-life answer to Gossip Girl in any legitimate way, the short-lived chronicles of the privileged Manhattan teenagers had a weirdly influential bearing on my life. For one, it introduced me to this very website, back when I used it to follow all the hot goss on PC Peterson (which led to an awkward Facebook confrontation with him and Barron Hilton, but that's a story for another day). Seeing as I was about the same age as the stars at the time, and I'd also grown up in New York, I had friends who went to their private schools and I was aware of them on a peripheral level; I'd see them at the same under-21 fundraising parties in the city and occasionally outside of Greenhouse (remember Greenhouse?). 

And though I've never sat through an entire episode of the Real Housewives and still don't understand what a Vanderpump is, I've always used NYC Prep as a litmus test for new friends, a point of obscure, ridiculous reference to see whether our tastes in youthful camp entertainment align. I've often wondered what became of the dramatic little prepsters and now that Bravo has resurrected the show (all episodes are available to stream now), what better time to check in on them?

[Photo via Bravo]