So it's the 10 year anniversary of Gossip Girl, and it's time to pay tribute to the greatest character: Blair Waldorf. She was beautiful, intelligent, and witty. She was a total type A kind of girl, accessorized with a girlish headband and doe eyes that would either make anyone melt or shake in their Gucci loafers. But behind closed doors she was a total sex freak and her schemes would put mafia bosses to shame. A James Bond girl on the outside, and a James Bond villain on the inside, Blair was truly a memorable character.

What was the best part about Blair Waldorf? Not her clandestine sexcapades. Not her snark comments. The best part was her laundry list of enemies. All bad bitches have a list like this! Check out our definitive ranking of all of Blair's adversaries that she chewed up and spit out.

[Photo via Gossip Girl]