Singapore Social: The New Reality Show That's Like "Crazy Rich Asians" Meets "The Hills"

by Stephanie Maida · November 29, 2019

    As most jet-setters and international schmoozers already know, the glamorous world depicted in 2018's iconic film (and book, before that), Crazy Rich Asians, is very much based on reality. Now, a new Netflix series is giving viewers an inside look, with all the romance, drama, and familial pressure we were introduced to in the movie.

    While it noticeably lacks any Henry Golding (sigh), Singapore Social satiates our voyeuristic cravings by following the lives of high-rolling, elbow-rubbing, and impossibly good-looking young people on Singapore's social scene. Complete with confessionals, seemingly pointless hangouts, and a cast of intermingled characters (a pop star, a fashionista, a rainbow-haired burlesque performer, a career-driven entrepreneur), it's like the Southeast Asian version of The Hills. There's even a scruffy playboy to rival Justin Bobby himself (Vinny, you handsome jerk).

    Since airing on Netflix, the reality show has caused quite a stir on social media. According to some Tweeters, it doesn't do a very good job representing Singapore and the majority of its residents and culture. However, as other viewers pointed out, the criticism reveals a bit of a double standard: entitled white people have been allowed to complain on TV for years, why can't another culture take the spotlight?

    Bottom line: if you're looking for a new guilty pleasure to binge-watch while you're home for the holidays, this is it.

    [Photos via Netflix]