SPiN New York Gets Some Free Publicity On "30 Rock"

by Chiara Atik · September 27, 2010

    Judah Friedlander's character on "30 Rock" is known for his seemingly random tshirts and trucker hats, which feature slogans like "Ninja Expert" and "Half Centaur". On last Thursday's premiere, his had read "Bottom Feeder", but the shirt slogan wasn't as senseless as you'd think...-

    Frank Russitano was seen wandering the halls of 30 Rock wearing a "SPiN New York" tshirt. As in SPiN, the  ping pong club on West 23rd. As in SPiN, the club owned by Susan Sarandon and her rumored boyfriend, Jonathan Bricklin. As in SPiN, the sort of uber-trendy place Frank Russitano would probably never, ever be caught dead in.

    Maybe not Frank Russitano, but Judah Friedlander goes there a lot.

    "I play here all the time," Friedlander told the Observer earlier this month at Susan Sarandon's SPiN Haiti Benefit. He's even invited fans to come play with him via twitter.

    Club promoters take note! If you want a 30-second spot or product placement on NBC, skip the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and just invite Judah Friedlander to hang out at your bar a lot. He'll wear the t-shirt on the show!

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