The CW Rewards Their Loyal Gay Fan Base

by Rachelle Hruska · March 24, 2008

    gg boys [Photo NY Mag]

    God I've been out of it for awhile. Anyone else having trouble navigating NY Mag's new online format?? The one thing I did catch from them today, was a certain piece of Gossip Girl news that is totally juicy. Which is all, it seems, I will get from them until I have time to figure out their new deal. Anyway, apparently there's a new gay character that is going to be outed in the coming episodes, actually it's an EXISTING character which makes this news even better. First of all, this is no surprise (that one, if not all of these guys would be semi-gay nor that the show would use this plot line in its scripts). Well this is good news for all of my gay friends that love GG. I'm happy for them too, there need to be more young hot gay characters on television, and it's nice that the CW is recognizing it's devoted and extremely loyal fan base. Well the "gayest" of the bunch would of course be Chuck, (no straight man could don that style), though they probably wouldn't do that to the millions of female viewers that are obsessed with him. I would love to see it be Dan to put an end to the nauseating drama that is "Danerena", though I probably won't get that lucky.

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