THIS Is The Real NYC Bookstore Where "You" Was Filmed!

by Stephanie Maida · January 22, 2019

    Ah, the little stalker show that could. At this point you've probably binged, Tweeted, and sorted through your feelings about You, the Lifetime series which blew up when it was picked up by Netflix last month.

    But regardless of your stance on Penn Badgley's creepy (but oh-so-good-looking) character, Joe, there's one thing we can probably all agree on: that bookstore he works at is charming AF. We mean, despite all the murders that eventually take place there.

    Well, folks, it turns out the site of Joe and Beck's first fateful interaction is real, and it's located right here in NYC.

    "Mooney's," as it's called in the show, is actually Logos Bookstore, a little shop in the Yorkville neighborhood of Manhattan. The exterior and front interior of the bookstore were used for filming, according to PopSugar, but no, there's no basement - at least not one with a giant glass cage. Also, ironically enough, Logos is known for their extended collection of religious texts and Bibles (if only Joe picked one up, or, you know, had one bashed into his face).

    If you'd like to join fellow fans of the show in paying a visit to the infamous storefront, it's located at 1575 York Ave. Post an Instagram at your own risk - you never know who's watching.

    [Photos via Netflix, @wesleywutheartist]