Zach Hyman The Latest Boy(friend?) Cast On The City

by Chiara Atik · March 16, 2010

    We hear that Zach Hyman, the PMc photographer notorious for orchestrating nude subway shoots , has been included in the cast of MTV's "The City" and has been shooting for the show. The casting news does not come as a big surprise, as in addition to being artistic, Hyman is pretty damn hot. But can he fill the well-worn motorcycle shoes of Justin Bobby?-

    We aren't sure in what capacity Hyman will appear on "The City" (boyfriend? cool artsy temptation?), but he definitely fills the role of foil to preppy Freddie Fackelmayer, much in the same way broody Justin Bobby provided respite from Brody Jenner and Spencer Pratt.

    Justin Bobby                                         Zach Hyman

    Though a photographer by profession, Zach studied acting at North Carolina School Of The Arts. Not that he'll need acting skillz on "The City"'s all real, you know.

    According to his Facebook, Zach is single and interested in women, so he might just be a love interest after all. But if Olivia Palermo and Whitney Port both have boyfriends, does this mean Roxy Olin is the lucky gal?

    [All photos via Facebook]

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