Some of us start a new year with career to-do lists, diet plans, and savings goals. Others use it as the perfect excuse to start mapping out their next 12 months of travel. If you're of the latter persuasion, and are already dreaming of your next splurge-worthy vacation, you've come to the right place. 

And if you need some inspiration for your future itinerary? Well, we've asked the right person.

As the founder of Hotels Above Par, a leading directory of boutique hotels and one-of-a-kind experiences around the world, Brandon Berkson is a certified professional jet-setter and travel guru. Considering how much globe-trotting he actually does, you might call him the Carmen Sandiego of luxury locales. 

With his exquisite taste and expert hand on the pulse of travel trends, who better to tap for this year's hottest destinations and must-visit hotels?

Click through for Brandon's guide to the 10 buzziest spots to put on your radar for 2023 - see you at the gate!

[Photo via/courtesy Brandon Berkson]