Why Don't You Channel ... A Pretty Pretty Princess?

by KATHERINE NEIFELD · May 5, 2011

    Welcome back to Why Don't You Channel?, injecting a bit of sartorial schizophrenia into your look. This week, why wait for a royal to make you a princess? With a flawlessly-executed combination of tulle, sparkles and precocity, you're quite well-equipped to run the empire yourself. Why Don't You Channel ... A Pretty Pretty Princess?/

    Patron Saint: Shirley Temple

    Modern Incarnation: Suri Cruise, Eloise Honor Burke, The Fanning Sisters, Olivia Van Der Beek, Eloise Bendet Eisner

    In Your Dress Up Box: It goes without saying that your favorite color is polka dot, followed closely by anything incorporating hearts and/or bows as its chief motif. Of course, tulle is an intrinsic part of the innermost you. And nothing gets you going quite like the polished frisson of something collared. An embellished collar is even better.

    When you're in solids, you're in solid fuchsia. Or maybe salmon. Or even amaranth on occasion. The scalloped detailing of this Chloe shift makes it perfect to throw on après-Ballet and still be bien habillé for afternoon French lessons with Madame Ridée (that old witch). For the weekend, you absolutely adore a cheeky I Love Candy More Than Boys tee by Milk and Hunny topped by a Crewcuts cardi.

    Mary-janes are the only type of shoe in which you are physically able to walk, so it's rather fortunate that Miuccia designed these darlings with you in mind.

    In Your Jewelry Box (twinkling the theme from Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet): Your favorite necklace from Aurelie Bidermann, alongside your Bestie charm. And as for carting these various accoutrements, what could more be more fitting than a Marc by Marc bag with a Matching Brolly? Or pare down to (pink, sparkly) essentials with Anya Hindmarch's pouch.

    What to Sleep In: Just because you're not literally a teensy tiny tot doesn't mean you can't relish the giddy world of Jonathan Adler Junior.  This pinky baby blanket in the softest of alpacas keeps you cozy during midnight screenings of The Little Mermaid. And how you love your lettered pillow. (P for Precocious.)

    Your Beauty Regimen: With those infinitesimal pores of yours, you could go as blank as your favorite set of paper dolls.  You do, however, dust on just a bit of NARS blush in Angelika (with a dab of matching gloss) to underscore a perpetual expression of doll-like wonderment.

    On the Shimmery Bookshelf: A first edition of Eloise by Kay Thompson, your aspirational autobiography. (Your first words really were: "I am Eloise. I am six. I am a city child. I live at the Plaza.") So too is Assouline's Barbie-centric tome featured, as well as Candice Bushnell's newest foray into Young Adult.  And although you identify nearly completely with deliciously infamous Veruca Salt of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a decidedly not-for-children short story collection is your favorite work from beloved bambino scribe Roald Dahl.

    Favorite Flower: While all the other girls in your kindergarten class spend recess weaving daisy chains, your pick is instead the anemone, a verdant riff on the traditional bloom. You can never really start trendsetting too early, n'cest-ce pas?

    In The Easy-Bake Oven: The Macaroni and Cheese from Sweetiepie in the West Village is the perfect after-school snack. Lest further assurance of this reality be required, it was termed "grown up/kid hybrid paradise" by H.R.H. Gwyneth Paltrow, the prettiest of pretty pretty princesses. And you love Alice's Tea Cup for its scones and three UES addresses (even toddlers in Manhattan know real estate is king) but mostly for its Looking Glass Room.  Because truth be told, the only thing you love more than a tea party is a reflective surface.

    What to Drink: A Dirty Shirley from Sardi's, that hallowed birthplace of Miss Temple's namesake cocktail. Otherwise, you're likely enjoying a frosted tumbler of chocolate milk.

    Gadget of Choice: Nothing says I want it now, Daddy! quite as insistently as this bubble-lensed Fujifilm Instax Mini, capturing the whirl of the merry-go-round as you're still atop the (tallest, handsomest) white pony.

    On a Budget: Cheat on fleurs with balloons. Big, big lollipop-shaped ones.

    The Cross Dress: Every pretty pretty princess needs her (immaculately-groomed) Le Petit Prince.

    Guest of a Guest would like to resuscitate Ms. Vreeland's column in a weekly feature, "Why Don't You..." While we don't expect to fill her shoes, we certainly hope that our attempt to bring Why Don't You into the 21st century would make her proud. [Why Don't You]

    [Pictures, clockwise from above: Suri Cruise via; Aurelie Bidermann Heart necklace via Net-A-Porter; Sweetiepie Restaurant; Anya Hindmarch Girlie Stuff pouch via Net-A-Porter; Balloons via.]