Why Don't You...Put A Landline In Your Bathroom?

by Rachelle Hruska · March 29, 2010

    What's the best way to impress girls these days: Whiping out your not-yet-sold-in-Apple-stores new iPad 5G gadget? Getting your droid out for some voice altered prank calls with the gang? No. Install an old school landline phone in your bathroom.- Can you think of a better way to show off your importance? I can't. It's like, "I'm so important, that I'm going to put in the time to install an outdated landline telephone in this bathroom in the very very rare chance that my guests feel the need to make a call to their friends from the loo and AT&T has prohibited their iPhone from letting them do so."

    Statistically (I'm sure) a large percentage of accidents happen from the bathroom. Cell phones just shouldn't be the only option you have if you happen to fall in and need assistance.

    Installing a landline in your bathroom subconsciously upgrades your supposed net worth for any guest that happens to see it, which is why it should go directly above your toilet paper or towel rack:

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