Hamptons@Night: Whose Buzz is Worthy?

by Joseph Russell · May 20, 2008

    Clubwise, tis the summer of things new and borrowed. The Cain and Goldbar team's new boutique hotel/lbar/ beach shop/restaurant (featuring Top Chef's Sam Talbot --interview to follow) Surf Lodge is open for business this friday, as is David Sarner's newborn, la Playa, which is hunkering down in the old Tavern space for Saturday-only shindigs. If you prefer your beach in English,

    the revamped Dune -whose white banquettes, dark tables, and black and white prints were inspired by 50's and 60's-era Brigitte Bardot, will be partnering with Kiss and Fly for a breezier spin on K&F's decadent revelry. All three promise excellent turntablers (Rockaton and Reach will be at Dune this Saturday), and Surf Lodge will be hosting a concert series on their deck on the weekends. We can't wait to see whose scary bouncers come in handy, a whose impassive expressions belie empty dance floors...