Jesse Herman Is The Second Half Of Down By The Hipster Operation

by Stanely Stuyvesant · July 8, 2008

    Scott Solish of DBTH just accused us of having never "broken a story". Well we've got news for you Scott! We are about to (gulp) break a story! Ever wonder how Scott can be in so many places at one time? A tipster dropped the following message:

    The second half of DBTH is Jesse Herman, who is a very small time hotel and club investor. Among his holdings are a few points in Cain -- just enough that he has access to confidential emails and memos send to investors.

    That's how DBTH gets all that Cain news. And why every other post on DBTH is a shill for the club.

    CAIN ON DBTH: search results

    Some more info on Herman:

    *UPDATE: Cain team has denied any arrangement with Jesse Herman. They don't know who he is.

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