SXSW: Foursquare Gets Wild On The Streets of ATX, Mogulite Celebrates Launch With Whiskey

by guestofaguest · March 14, 2011

    Go HERE for more photos by Benjamin Gustafsson from the Foursquare and the Streets of ATX, and tag yourself and your friends!

    SXSW Interactive presented an array of captivating films and innovative talks over the weekend. In the evening party goers hit the Foursquare fete, the launch of dinner, and took to the streets to get crazy.

    Foursquare & The Streets Of ATX

    Go HERE for more photos by Benjamin Gustafsson, and tag yourself and your friends.

    Creative minds collaborated at SXSW on Saturday evening. The party was everywhere, from the bars to the streets to the premieres. Seth Priebatsch gave a speech titled "Interactive Keynote" about his belief that the new Internet trend will be something called "The Game Layer." In short, Seth says that in the connected world that has evolved through social media, a new space will develop that changes how we approach problem solving by applying game mechanics to issues we face as a society. The next step would be installing game-based applications and tools based around gameplay.

    People were definitely playing at the Foursquare party at the Cedar Street Courtyard. Things got so out of hand people took it to the streets.

    Johnnie Walker celebrates the launch of

    Steve Martocci and Ryan Graves joined Dina Kaplan, founder of, Bnter & TFLN's Lauren Leto, hotelier Sean MacPherson, GofG's Rachelle Hruska  and investors from Greylock Capital and Brainard Capital at the dinner with Johnnie Walker. Guests enjoyed a private poolside dinner with food from Wild Bubbas.