Save Instagram! A New Website Wants You To Use Your Hashtags To Protest Facebook's Acquisition Of Instagram

by Georgia Bobley · April 11, 2012

    When Facebook announced on Monday that the company was buying Instagram for a hefty $1 billion, fans of the photo sharing app took to the Internet to express their discontent. But now there's a place to actually protest Facebook's acquisition.

    In his announcement of the acquisition Zuckerberg pledged to "be mindful about keeping and building on Instagram's strengths and features rather than just trying to integrate everything into Facebook," however some Instagram users are hesitant to believe that Instagram won't become just as invasive as Facebook is.

    [Photo via Save Instagram]

    The disappointment with Facebook's acquisition was so widespread that BuzzFeed put together this post of people on Twitter reacting--or overeating-- to the news, with most tweeters expressing a desire to delete their Instagram accounts now that Facebook is running the show.

    But one website is trying to save Instagram from falling under Facebook's control, and they're asking you to help. The site, Save Instagram, which was created by The 88, wants people to upload their photos to twitter using the hashtags #instagram, #saveinstagram, or #ig, and then they will post the photos on their site.

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    Can Save Instagram really save Instagram? We're not sure, but we'll keep hashtagging our photos anyway!

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