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Angry BFlay [@AngryBFlay]
Bobby Flay is the king of keeping things cool in the kitchen.  Even when he loses a Throwdown or an Iron Chef battle, this Food Network star never fails to flash a smile (although we all know that his cuisine should reign supreme).  But what if Bobby had a not-so-nice alter ego, a split personality á la Jekyll and Hyde?  No need to let your mind wander here, because Twitter has done the work for you with this parody account.  Follow Angry BFlay and you may even find a recipe or two from which to cook up your own parody profile. Account Description:
"It scares me to death to know I have the ability to turn a household pet into a tender taste explosion, but that's the price I pay for culinary genius."
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Some of my deepest disgust is reserved for people who describe their homemade chili as "famous."
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