SXSWi: The Latest Gossip From Austin, From Mischa Barton To Jonah Hill

by SUSANNAH LONG · March 19, 2010

    [Photo courtesy of Vibe] Mm, the sweet aroma of fried food, sweat, and rocker funk in the morning. Let's see the blogosphere's newest SXSW gossip . . .-





    Jonah Hill calls Cyrus movie Q&A "the worst Q&A ever" [Slackerwood]

    And here's how to avoid Jonah Hill's taunts: [HowToAskQuestions]

    Mischa Barton attends SXSW, is a "hot mess" [Perez]

    Swagg party sounds epic, we have to admit [Swagg]

    Chamillionaire says he's too old to say "I get more green than the Grinch with a broccoli suit" [Spinner]

    Smokey Robinson gives SXSW keynote address, says: "You did not start (music), and you will not finish it." [Billboard]

    Everyone loves Surfer Blood; Surfer Blood loves tacos from Florida [Spinner]

    Foursquare FTW: app gets 100,000 new users in less than a week when guerilla marketers play real-life foursquare with rock fans [Clickz]

    McLovin (omg omg) at Star Bar, Adrien Brody at Whole Foods [The Statesman]

    (Back to Mischa: she flew back to LA, didn't fare as well as Adrien at Whole Foods) [Showbiz Spy]

    MacGruber movie barely dodged an NC-17 [JoBlo]

    Festival mourns pop-father Alex Chilton [Vancouver Sun]

    Ana Marie Cox does pose a good souvenir question . . . [yfrog]

    And Vibe runs down some kick-off photos:

    We'll leave you with this, in honor of Foursquare's marketing savvy: The Official Rules of Foursquare! (Site also includes "Sean's Four-Square Blog." Excellent.)