Trying To Find A Hot Girl? There's A Creepy App For That

by Georgia Bobley · April 2, 2012

    The app Around Me has proved helpful in a number of circumstances. You can use it to find restaurants, coffee shops, banks, and even gas stations, but one thing Around Me lacks is the ability to locate girls. One Russia-based SMS Service sought to fix this dilemma, though, by created the app Girls Around Me, which like the original Around Me app, recognizes the users location and allows them to view girls who have checked in on Foursquare near where they are.

    It's like a stalker's dream come true, and someone must've realized the potential danger this app presents because last week it was pulled from the app store, Cult of Mac reports.

    When the app was still available, it would find the users' location, and load a map of girls with publicly visible Facebook profiles who have checked into nearby locations using Foursquare. You then see a small photo of the girl (usually their Facebook photo), and if there's more than one girl at a single location, a red number pops up indicating the number of girls there.

    In the app's Developer Notes, no excuses seem to be made for its blatantly creepy nature:

    The app is so easy to use: search for girls or guys, browse the map and press scan to begin scanning the area for recent check-ins! See where people are spending this evening. Look at the photo and decide whether to seek out someone new at a nearby venue or play it cool by showing your interest via Facebook!

    Though the days of finding girls right on you iPhone are over for now, don't count out app developers from finding some new (and hopefully more safe) way for you guys to locate the hottest girls in your neighborhood.

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