16 Thoughts On The Bachelor: Season 21, Episode 5

by Mackenzie Johnson · January 24, 2017

    I would like to preface this with the overarching sentiment that Nick is 100% not worth any of these ladies' attention nor ours. May it also be noted while I'm not a diehard watch-every-week fan, I did come down with quite the flu this past weekend and decided to take it upon myself to get caught up with my sorority sisters. With that in mind we move into the intricacies that come with S21, E5 of The Bachelor.

    Here are some thoughts I had during the episode in between bites of Rice to Riches.

    1. Is it normal that he makes out with all of them on every episode?? There are 15 tonight.
    2. This is the beginning of a series of excellent Corinne quotes. Exhibit A: "Now I get to make out with Nick for another week."
    3. I'm not sure what the beauty routines are in this house but we've got a lot of dark roots contrasting with some pretty bleached locks. They'll def comp that. 
    4. They were way to excited to go to "Milwaukee, Wisconsin." Also once this is all over does whoever "wins" move back there??
    5. All these girls wear the same thing when they go out on group dates. Corinne actually has the best individual style. I stand by that! 
    6. Taylor is low key/high key very competitive. I don't think she actually likes him, she just wants to WIN! 
    7. One-on-one with Suzanne: Nick is not funny and she keeps fake laughing at him saying nothing.
    7 1/2. She's v pretty, is that a mole?
    8. Why do you think Nick is still on the market?? He's going to be 40 soon.
    9. Corinne's thoughts on this group date are completely accurate.
    11. I need sushi (Sorry, this was actually a text to my friend.)
    12. Vanessa 100% made that book. Clever move but we see you.
    13. Great Corinne quote exhibit B: "Michael Jordan took naps, Abraham Lincoln took naps, I take naps."
    14. Do Corinne's parents watch this?
    15. How does Nick explain to his little sister that this is one of the 15 girls he's dating?? Also recent update he has 10 siblings.
    16. They absolutely get these girls purposefully wasted right before the rose ceremony. Clever. 

    Tune in next week for more insightful analysis!