House Of Cards

Today may be one of the longest work days in the entirety of history of work days. But we're not counting down the hours or constantly glancing at our watches in anticipation of a Friday night bash, a designer launch party, or even cocktails at the Top of the Standard (you know, the usual GofG shenanigans). Instead, we anxiously await the end of the day so that we can hurry home to our couches, Seamless some premium ribs, and turn on Netflix. After all, it's February 27th: the entirety of the third season of House of Cards is online NOW. Yet here we are, busily working at our desks, trying to focus on whatever task is at hand, when Frank Underwood could be running the country into the ground for all we know.

And if that wasn't enough, we all have those friends that decided to stay at home today, off "sick," in order to get a head-start on the thirteen hour binge. Some even have the audacity to be live-tweeting their watching experience! The FOMO is very real at this time. As is the pain. Just so you don't go completely mad, GofG is bringing you some very important plot questions to occupy your mind until your return to our favorite Machiavellian political adversary...or did those just make it worse?

[Photo via @shawnonymous]