Your Official Bachelor In Paradise Premiere Drinking Game

by Liz Martinelli · August 2, 2016

    If you're already having withdrawals from the All-American love story that is The Future Mrs. Jojo Rodgers and The Asparagus from VeggieTalesBachelor in Paradise is returning tonight for its third season to help fill the void. Full of the familiar faces of previous Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects contestants, this season is guaranteed to bring steamy hookups, dramatic breakups, and according to Chris Harrison - multiple proposals. In preparation for the momentous reality show (and to help us get through the amount of drama this drunken island is sure to bring), we decided to create a Bachelor in Paradise drinking game for the premiere tonight! Grab your bottle openers, just remember to be responsible and never drink and text. 

    - Drink every time Chad eats a cold cut

    - Drink every time Evan mentions the heartbreak of getting over Jojo

    - Drink anytime Chad and Lace kiss (Hurricane Chace, please stop)

    - Drink whenever a contestant calls Lace crazy 

    - Or just drink whenever Lace starts to act crazy

    - Drink whenever the twins wear matching outfits

    - Drink every time the twins finish each other's sentences

    - Drink if two contestants pick the same guy for a solo date

    - Drink whenever Chris Harrison says the word "shocking" with too much inflection (or really any word with too much inflection)

    - Take a sip for every different Chris Harrison pastel linen suit

    - Drink whenever one of the girls starts to cry, finish your drink if her make up ~magically~ stays perfect

    - Drink whenever Chad starts talking about how much protein he brought to Paradise

    - Drink whenever someone says they are scared of Chad, finish your drink if you're also scared of Chad

    - Take a drink whenever Daniel mentions being Canadian

    - Finish your drink whenever Daniel talks about how hot he thinks he is

    - Drink anytime Chad and Daniel share a bromantic moment

    - Drink anytime Grant shows off those Fireman muscles

    - Take a sip if Vinny mentions being from New Jersey

    - Drink if any of the contestants go skinny-dipping, finish your drink if they strip down for no reason

    - Drink whenever Ashley I. says Jared's name, finish your drink if she's crying

    - Drink whenever Caila mentions how hard it was to get over Ben

    - Drink whenever Caila tries to convince herself that Jared is over Ashley I.

    - Take a drink for every guy trying to show-f their cannonball skills in the pool

    - Drink if someone hooks up with two different people in one night, finish your drink if the twins hook up with the same guy in one night

    -  Drink for every couple that gets it on in the water

    - Drink if a contestant says "I love you" or "I'm falling for you" 

    - Drink every time Amanda mentions her kids

    - Take a drink if any of the contestants say something mean about Amanda having kids (looking at you Lace)

    - Drink anytime Evan talks sh*t about Chad

    - Finish your drink if Chad and Evan get in a fight

    - Drink whenever someone mentions "their journey"

     - Drink whenever someone insists they are there for the "right reasons"

    Here's wishing the contestants all the best in their quest for true love, we certainly can't wait to watch!

    [Photo via Bachelor in Paradise]