The 6 Stages Of Grief After Last Night's Game Of Thrones

Spoiler alert, obviously. But really, if you still haven't caught last night's season finale of Game of Thrones, you deserve to get spoiler-ed. Have you even been on the internet today? Catch up!

Oh, broody, bearded, and beautiful Jon Snow. Why didn't you watch your back? Why didn't you "kill the boy" like Maester Aemon advised? Why didn't you just run away with Ygritte and make adorable little ginger babies together until winter finally came? Fine, we're not here to ask questions. We already did that last night as we screamed "WHYYYYY?" to the heavens (or in this case, the 7 hells). You're dead. And, in what might be an even more painful turn of events pointing to the truth, Kit Harington has definitely cut his hair. But even on this #BlackMonday, while we sift through the ashes (um, snowflakes?), we're still in denial. After all, it's one of the stages of grief everyone suffered last night during the final moments of Season 5. Let's revisit those, shall we?

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