We all know that, at heart, Donald Trump is kind of a basic bitch. Just kidding, he doesn't have a heart, but he still can totally act like one. We mean, he has his own tricks to looking good in selfies, he's crazy into fake tanning, and he's a total social media addict. 

But who knew Mike Pence likes to get in touch with his inner #basic as well? Turns out, the VEEP has an Instagram page entirely devoted to his bunny (aka BOTUS). The fluffy little fella is named Marlon Bundo, which sounds like your run of the mill dad joke, but it's a lot more clever than the names he has for his cats, Oreo and Pickle. 

We can't help it, but this warms our hearts just a little bit. It's almost as if this Mike Pence isn't Lucifer sent back from the flames of hell? (Nah, that's still true.) Politics aside, BOTUS is pretty darn adorable. The snaps of the Pence family's bundle of joy spending his first "bundred days" in the White House are endearing as he bounds around the veep's office and snuggles up with the fam to watch This Is Us...until you hit the caption #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. BOTUS for sure knows his most adorable angles and how to work the camera, but to get on the same level as the likes of Boo the Dog or Choupette, his photographers are going to have to step up their game. 

We think BOTUS may be our new fave member of the White House ...if not our only favorite. Let's just hope Donald Trump Jr. doesn't make Marlon Bundo his next target on a trophy hunting trip.

[Photos via @marlonbundo]