Anna Kournikova Comes To The District

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · July 22, 2010

    We've been showing lots and lots of love to the Washington Kastles recently. Yesterday marked their last home game at the CityCenter DC Stadium as they played against the St. Louis Aces with star-status player Anna Kournikova.

    Even though Anna K. is a hottie, we're loyal fans to our awesome D.C. team and its players so we've taken the liberty of capturing some not-so-glamorous photos of the tennis star and even tried to read her mind a little...

    "Enrique is that you?..."

    "C'mon, raise the roof! You can do it!"

    Anna Kournikova "Hey Beyonce, this is my 'All the Single Ladies' dance!"

    Anna Kournikova "Walk like an Egyptian!"

    "Sorry, I don't just hug any random tennis ball that comes my way."

    Worried you've missed all the tennis D.C. and World Team Tennis has to offer this summer? Fret no more, for the Legg Mason Tennis Classic begins July 31st and the World Tennis Team Smash Hits charity event with Elton John (yep, he plays tennis too) comes to D.C. on November 15th. Anna Kournikova will also be at November's event. You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape our (tennis) love!