Guest Of A Guest Uncovers: @DCSkintern Photo On Twitter

by guestofaguest · September 30, 2011

    Oh Em Gee, @DCSkintern is back! Uh, it's almost October?! It's not intern season, and how the heck did this awful/not funny account drum up 3,000 followers? @HillStaffer is way better!

    Ok, we get it. The draw is that sexy photo...and we found out exactly who she is!

    The eye-catching photo is stolen from a picture of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Julie Henderson!

    Sure, you can keep following this account as she retweets the few people that acknowledge her and mentions super cool intern bars like McFaddens, but you do run the risk that she actually looks like the awkward but endearing hill interns most of us are used to...

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