Only John F. Kennedy could manage to make scandalous headlines over 55 years after his death. But trust, this gossip is far more interesting than anything Kanye West is up to these days.

Everyone knows that the 35th president was beloved for his good looks and well-bred charm. Everyone also knows that the guy had a wandering eye (despite the fact that he was married to the classiest woman in history). But if you think Marilyn Monroe was his only high-profile mistress, an updated biography of Jackie and JFK is here to shock your socks off. According to the Daily Mail, a re-released e-book version of 1997's Jack and Jackie: Portrait of an American Marriage is spilling all the details of Kennedy's star-studded Little Black Book.

Bill Clinton's antics in the Oval Office were bad enough, but even he's got nothing on JFK's track record. Click through for some of the most shocking (alleged) secret affairs of Mr. Kennedy.