Malala Yousafzai. Oprah Winfrey. Indra Nooyi. These are some of the most inspiring women in the 21st century who came from nothing, faced adversity head on, and changed the world. It's time to add Louise Linton to the list.

Who is Louise Linton, you ask? Why, you should be ashamed that you don't even know! And we're certain that in place of fallen Confederate soldier statues, monuments will be erected in her honor if the whole Britney Spears statue petition doesn't pan out. Louise Linton lashed out against the haters this past week because they had the audacity to call her tacky and alienating for showing off her luxury lifestyle on Instagram while the country is in flames. Um, we're sorry, are you expecting her to keep quiet about how disgustingly wealthy she is now that she's hitched to the Secretary of the Treasury? We don't think so. Now that Louise is getting banned from fashion shows for standing up for herself in the face of adversity, here are some other ways to show off your wealth without getting blacklisted from fashion week!

[Photo via Reuters]