XOXO, Anthony Scaramucci Is The White House Gossip Girl

by Millie Moore · September 19, 2017

    How fitting that on the 10 year anniversary of our fave Upper East Side saga, Gossip Girl, Anthony Scaramucci outs himself as the Gossip Girl of D.C.!

    The former White House Communications Director is not above acting out like a teenage girl. He is way too into fake tanning and his hair, and he's been known to backstab and talk shit. And who are we kidding? All of these privileged white men in the White House are total teenyboppers at heart. We mean, Mike Pence has an Instagram devoted to his bunny and Trump has selfie secrets to make himself look skinnier. And while Trump is clearly the Queen Bee, the Mooch is obviously lobbying for the role of ultimate beta. 

    And how is he earning this role, exactly? By spreading rumors, of course. 

    Scaramucci was on TMZ Live earlier today - ya know, the media outlet we all consider the epitome of integrity and virtue in this industry. He insinuated that Tom Brady skipped out on meeting the President after the Patriots' (inevitable) Super Bowl win not because he was making a statement by snubbing Trump, but because it was too awkward because our fave kegel fitspiration used to bump uglies with Ivanka. OMG!

    What proof does the Mooch have? Probably none. But then again, Tom Brady should come up with better excuses besides family emergencies when skipping a meet and greet with the prez. So maybe he should just play along with this story in order to weasel his way out of dealing with The Donald. After all, this dude is going to be visiting the White House after every Super Bowl win until he retires because obviously, the Patriots are the best team in America.

    [Photo via Getty]