Lindsay Lohan Vying For "Jersey Shore" Role?

by BILLY GRAY · February 11, 2010

    We knew things were bad for Lindsay Lohan, but now she's been reduced to taking Snooki's sloppy seconds. Days after MTV announced the lovable Jersey Shore rascals were heading to South Beach for Season 2 of the hard-hitting vérité masterpiece, Lohan's plans for an Atlantic City appearance have emerged.

    Day late, duck phone short, Linds. Lohan will appear at Harrah's casino in A.C. on February 20th for a party called Pool After Dark. No word yet on if the "pool" in the title refers to the nautical or billiards variety. Maybe revelers will place bets on whether the beleaguered former actress will live to see 30?

    This appearance is a head scratcher, but makes us realize that Lohan, with her relentless partying and Oompa Loompa sheen, would be a natural addition to the Jersey Shore cast. Just book her a flight down to Fisher Island (the uber-wealthy community where, if Snooki's Twittter account is to be believed, MTV's guido transplants will terrify the locals) and watch the career revival take off.