Idiot Maneuver Lands A DIY Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

by Emily Green · April 8, 2011

    I have this love/hate relationship with Hollywood. Mostly hate. It's complicated. Like, we're cool now, but for instance NBA All-Star Week, I just could not... But the fun thing about Hollywood is anytime you think you've seen it all and are feeling uninspired or maybe are in a bit of an emotional state, just take a stroll down Hollywood Blvd.  I was a broken woman the other night when I walked out of an hour-long but necessary trip to Bed Bath & Beyond, which BTW ranks higher than the Inglewood DMV on my Least Favorite Places on Earth list, until I stumbled upon this little gem. This DIY Walk of Fame job is funny in its own right. It doesn't matter who the fuck Robert Glover is. Some asshole just sauntered over and wrote in a name, and we're laughing with that asshole. We're also laughing at him for being such a dumb "MotheFu(c)ker".

    Gee, that's a really interesting rendition of that word. And we thought we were the only ones who got kind of creative with it by shortening it to "motherfuck" in our vocab to give something meaningful emphasis, as in "I don't give a motherfuck about frozen yogurt!" In fact, his tells a story. As you can see, this guy (am I out of line for assuming this is the handiwork of a male?) got the great idea for his one-finger salute to the Hollywood institution by claiming the vacant star. He got down on that filthy, filthy ground with a Sharpie, wrote "Robert Glover" and to drive it home added "MotherFuker".

    The thing is, we would have assumed that spelling was intentional and gone with it, the same way we do with "thnx" and "cuz". But it wasn't. This astronaut genuinely did not know how to spell it and when he became aware of his spelling error, decided he needed to correct himself.  See, it's important to him that "motherfucker" not be misspelled. But c'mon dude, did he really think we can't tell that pathetic little "c" wedged in there wasn't a hallmark of an afterthought and we wouldn't know the difference? Not a good look, and he should probably ditch the other moron who advised him squeezing in that "c" would make it all better. He is so motherfu(c)king stupid, he doesn't even realize that his editing only underscores the fact that he is stupid, nor understand that it DIRECTLY translates as "I fucked up when I tried to spell 'motherfucker,' and then I tried to fix it hoping you would never know about my fuck up."

    This is the work of a beautiful and rare imbecile, and really lifted my spirits after my hour-long trip to Hell and back. So, Robert Glover or whoever you are, thanks for letting us catch a ride on your adventures in being an idiot.

    [Photos by NINI!]