L.A. Times Finds Oblivious Granola Man In Santa Monica

by Emily Green · March 11, 2011

    In other somewhat related yet totally irrelevant news, in their up-to-the-minute coverage of Japan's earthquake and tsunami, L.A. NOW also posted this phenomenally absurd story about a dude they found meditating on the beach next to the waves in Santa Monica this morning while the entire west coast was on tsunami alert. But he's not crazy, he's just zenned himself into oblivion somewhere on Neptune.

    He was unaware of the coast's tsunami alert and didn't even know there was a catastrophic, historically large earthquake in Japan today. Did we mention he's an environmental consultant? In addition to his morning meditations, this dingaling also spends a great deal of time staring off into space in between what we imagine are days filled with playing patty cake, organic vegan flax seed bars, and hacky sack for exercise. But seriously, the article said he visits the beach a few times a week to work and "sit and look at the ocean."

    When he was informed of what was happening on the planet Earth today he quipped, "I guess I was pretty much in my bubble today. I don't follow the news much." Ahoy, Santa Monica doofus!

    [Photo not of Captain Granola via]