New York City And Munich Would Totally Hate Each Other's House Parties

by BILLY GRAY · February 2, 2010

    There's a nifty new website out there that lets you compare your city's musical taste to scores of others around the world. And then be a total snob about the results. New York LOVES Radiohead, Lady Gaga and, shamefully, Coldplay. And Munich, well, Munich doesn't like New York's taste in music one bit!

    Only 7% of the most popular musicians in New York and the Boo Radley of German cities overlap. But don't despair if you think the divergence arises from Munich's refined taste in obscure techno. Coldplay comes in at number one in the Bavarian capital. Radiohead, the favorite band of New Yorkers, is the only other act the two cities have in common.

    As for rivals closer to home, New York and Los Angeles would only approve of each other's playlists 51% of the time. NYC and San Francisco would get along just swell (72%). And Detroit would probably bust a cap in our ass for control of the iPod dock (23%).

    Also, we have to admire California's continued, inexplicable fondness for Death Cab For Cutie (the emo mopers come close to the top in every CA city I checked).  And Boston, true to stodgy, antiquated form, still listens to The Beatles more than any music made since the Johnson administration. (Not that I don't love the Beatles.)

    Caveat: it's all based on data from, so take it with a grain of salt. Still, bravo to Hamburg's Michael Schieben for thinking of it.

    Anyway, start the fun here.