Rachel Uchitel: Six Degrees of Desperation

by BILLY GRAY · December 1, 2009

    After working in nightclubs in New York City, the Hamptons and Las Vegas, Rachel Uchitel was bound to have connections. But we've got a feeling that her, uh, hands, have come into contact with some folks who are giving Tiger Woods unpleasant reminders of his current woes. Uchitel links Woods to...

    ...Stars Married To Gorgeous Blondes Who Still Couldn't Resist Cheating (With Less...Notable Mistresses)

    Rachel Uchitel allegedly had an affair with actor David Boreanaz, whose career peaked when he was on Buffy with Sarah Michelle Gellar, who in Cruel Intentions took a break from blowing rails to destroy Reese Witherspoon, whose marriage  Abbie Cornish torpedoed after Reese's ex-husband Ryan Phillipe slept with her on the set of their box office flop Stop/Loss.

    ...Squeaky Clean Sports Legends With Fresh(ly Revealed) Personal Crises

    Rachel Uchitel was photographed with Ryan Seacrest who staged a kiss with Terri Hatcher who starred in forgotten '90s TV hit Lois and Clark with Dean Cain who boinked Brooke Shields at Princeton before she married and divorced Andre Agassi who just admitted to struggles with crystal meth and depression.

    ...Powerful Men Who Likely Took A Bruising From Their Scorned Wives

    Rachel Uchitel sought the advice of sage legal mastermind and publicity-shy Gloria Allred who represented Paula Jones in a sexual harassment suit that likely had Hillary Clinton using the White House for target practice as the suit involved her philandering husband Bill Clinton. (OK that was five, but who's counting?)

    ...People Who Have Likely Spent Some Time At The Free Clinic

    Rachel Utichel is said to have had a fling with Stephen Dorff who locked lips with Pam Anderson who locked lips and whole lot more with Tommy Lee who shared coke, hair products, cod pieces, the '80s Billboard charts and groupies (and future Rock of Love girls) with heavy metal colleague Bret Michaels (who also had a videotaped roll in the hay with Pam).


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