Julia Allison Is Ready To Start Being Responsible, Even If This Means Cleaning Up Poo

by Rachelle Hruska · November 10, 2008

    Jilia AllisonUh oh...Julia Allison had been doing so well until last night, when she started Blunk Drogging.  (That's drunk blogging in case you didn't know and it happened after only ONE glass of wine at dinner).  I love it when people write drunk, and Julia Allison is double the fun.  Go HERE to witness the self refectory in full.  Complete with flashbacks from "different lifetimes" and openly admitting to not picking up Lily's poo until now, Julia decides last night that it's finally the time to start being a responsible human being.  Doing the right thing, being moral and considerate, you know, all the things real live grown ups do.  This is all followed by a post titled "Little good can come from being in the public eye" which makes us wonder if Lily punished her for giving away their "little" secret.