On Why NonSociety Will Not Be Jumping The Shark

by Rachelle Hruska · November 21, 2008

    On today's edition of Nonsociety (the Julia Allison files):

    Me: Paris Hilton broke up with that ugly guy. Mary: Great. Me: Do you think she's jumped the shark? Mary: What does that mean? Megan: It refers to the defining moment when a television show goes from being good to sucking, derived from Happy Days, when Fonzie literally jumps the shark. Mary: Wow. How do you know that? Megan: How do you NOT know that?

    And there you have it folks. Substantial evidence for why I can't stop reading NonSociety.  I hope this helps explain the obssesion a little bit, if not there's always the photos.  You can't "jump the shark" if you don't know what that means right?