The Julia Allison Diet

by Rachelle Hruska · January 7, 2009

    As is customary with New Year's Eve, I made a pledge to diet this year.  I chose this year to limit my Julia Allison intake.  I have a firm belief that one's mind has only a finite space of room, and, therefore, one must choose wisely with respect to the information they let in, or rather put in, lest their mind get bloated and keep out  more meaningful data (like Emily Brill's latest blog entry).

    In so many ways, I believed that the start of my "Julia Allison Diet" would find me a more leveled, sagacious individual. As I had my first downfall (applying makeup for dinner) last night, I realized that this diet was going to be a lot harder than I anticipated.

    My Julia Allison Diet:

    No Makeup. That's right, it's time to give those pores a break.  JA never leaves the house without her makeup and so, with this diet, you are required to go without it. Thankfully, tucked away in a Caribbean Island for several days aided with this one, as does my job's casual nature.

    Must get CES information outside of NonSociety. I heard the girls were in Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Showcase today, but under no circumstances can you get information about it from them.

    Repeat after me: "I do not care what Mary Rambin is wearing today."  Recite every time you change your outfit.

    No use of the words "Lip Dub" in conversation. If you start pretending you are lip dubbing a song, you must turn it off immediately.

    No wearing of: ribbons, polka dots, pearls, or anything with pink until termination of diet.

    Must remove the word "bunnies" from vocabulary.

    Refrain from conversations that revolve: boys, dating, Lily, sex, boys, girlfriends, Nick Denton, boys, reader emails, boys, Wired magazine, boys, Lily, cupcakes, pink, boys, ribbons, boys.

    And of course, no reading NonSociety (you can check Meaghan's once a day but absolutely no clicking on Mary's or Julia's), TMI Weekly, or any affiliate Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook page.

    Although it will be difficult, I hope that I will come out of my Julia Allison diet with new insight on what is truly important to me in life.

    In other news, looks like there are others that need to start on my JA diet.  A screenshot of NonSociety: (DOH! I just went against diet rule: "no clicking on site.")

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