A Lot Of Hot Air(Aer)?

by Stanely Stuyvesant · November 30, 2007


    [Aer Lounge]

    Our readers are confirming it, and it seems to be so. Kiss and Fly will be opening in 2 weeks in the spot of the old Aer Lounge. Don't worry if you don't remember Aer lounge, you can join the rest of us who easily forgot this unmemorable spot.

    It seems like nightclub reincarnations are in vogue these days with Touch being the revamped Temple Bar/T/Float, and now Kiss and Fly. But then again, there are no more liquor licenses available in the meat packing, so proprietors have no choice but to set up shop in a previously failed spot if they want to be in meat packing.

    Meat Packing? Yes, we know what you're thinking, it wouldn't have been our first choice either. But we have faith in Randy Scott. His track record has no blemishes, and he seems to strike gold everywhere he goes.


    [Aer Lounge]