"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" 20's Throwback At Ella

by CHRISTINE CHUNG · August 20, 2010

    Wednesday nights at Ella mean one thing. Debauchery at its finest, 1920's style. A downtown crowd partied the night away, perfecting the art of salon style lounging.



    All jeweled chandeliers, oversize red leather-upholstered banquettes, and painted curtain walls, Ella captures the essence of speakeasy glamor. True to form, people downed champagne and classic cocktails (Side Cars, anyone?) in spades.

    DJ's Whitney Fierce and Gavin Royce, among others, provided an upbeat soundtrack for the night. Drinking, dancing, and straight up lounging, it was a roaring night. Prohibition be damned!

    Mick Jagger again?

    Edward Scissorhands too?

    Oh hey Marilyn...

    Blue Steel.

    Gaga + Magnum?

    Who, her?

    "I can show you the world..."

    Just taking a breather...

    Doublefisting like a real lady.

    Taking it like a champ.

    And then some...

    [Photos via NickyDigital]