Unsurprisingly, Model Agency Holiday Party Looks Like, Well, Another Night At 1 Oak

by BILLY GRAY · December 10, 2009

    Although the recession continues to wreak havoc on corporate holiday parties, the models and staff at Wilhelmina had no problem decking the halls. The waif factory threw a festive bash that began at Avenue before moving on to 1 Oak. Guess Dave & Busters was already booked. See our tipster's photos below.

    This was a classy affair. According to the exhausting photo album that documented it, it was "models and staff ONLY," although exceptions were made for Leo DiCaprio and, believe it or not, Ricky Martin. Exclusivity extended to paid photographers, none of whom were invited to snap the clotheshorses as they ran mild.

    That's not to say there weren't poses galore. Indeed, one particularly astute GofG staffer noticed that the origami-esque hand contortions that the glamorous toothpicks bust out in their photo shoots intrude on their more candid moments as well. "Maybe it's because they're foreign?" I think that's it!

    Scantily clad go-go elfs and chintzy snowflake decorations that I'm pretty sure came from my elementary school auditorium's storage closet added some much-needed yuletide flair.

    I've always wondered about the dynamic between the obscure employees at an agency like Wilhelmina and the big-named and small-boned models whose pouts make for the company's bottom line. In this case, any scuffles were likely kept at bay by bottle service honcho and Avenue peacemaker Noah Tepperberg:

    Noah surveys his scene while a semi-naked Santa's helper wonders why no one is stuffing bills in her   underwear.

    Because even the fashion crowd can't get enough of the gangsta sign every white person has been making since middle school. Also, this.

    Same with this pose. I believe this is a variation on the international choking sign. Right?

    Wilhemina Party Smoker

    No one had the heart to tell him the whole Sprockets theme was a joke. Vito Schnabel, of course you' were there!

    Back it up at Wilhelmina

    There's a Sir-Mix-A-Lot reference to be made here, but I'm not going to make it.

    This guy hauled ass all the way from his Gettysburg Civil War reenactment to make it.