If you've yet to check "riding the tram to Roosevelt Island" off your New York City bucket list, this stunning new rooftop bar will inspire you to get to it ASAP. 

The small residential island nestled between Manhattan and Queens is finally getting the recognition it deserves as a must-visit New York destination, thanks, in part, to the opening of its first-ever (and notably trendy) hotel, Graduate

With luxe amenities, stylish accommodations, a restaurant, and a cafe, the hotel offers much to buzz about. Its crown jewel, however, is most certainly the stunning rooftop bar providing sweeping views of all five boroughs.

Appropriately named Panorama Room, the chic new watering hole is perched on the hotel's 18th floor and boasts an outdoor terrace, floor-to-ceiling windows, and gorgeous retro-futurist interiors, from the Orobico Red marble bar to the dramatic geometric light installation that shines above it. There's plush modern seating scattered throughout, tubular banquettes, and sleek accents of glass and chrome. For its custom-designed DJ booth, the team tapped Cédric Hervet, long time creative director for Daft Punk, and Nicolas Hervet of Hervet Manufacturier to create one from scratch (so you just know the music is going to be good).

And if you're coming for the views, you'll no doubt be staying for the cocktails. The beverage program includes brilliant updates to our favorite remixed martinis (think lychee, apple, and a draft espresso martini), as well as an extensive list of sparkling and fortified wines.

If there was ever a hot spot worth the trek (just slightly) out of Manhattan, Panorama Room is it.

Click through for a peek inside!

[Photos courtesy Panorama Room/Noah Fecks]