Through The Roof And Underground: Cabin Down Below Becomes Top Of The Standard Afterparty Spot

by BILLY GRAY · December 18, 2009

    Meatpacking District destination The Boom Boom Room and Avenue A hangout Cabin Down Below are on opposite ends of Manhattan. But that hasn't stopped the Boom (er, Top of the Standard) crowd's migration from the high in the sky pleasure dome to the basement rock den.

    The movement is noticeable enough for people to tweet about it! On Wednesday night, man about town Robert Fowler kindly let us all know that he was "at Cabin. The natural progression after BoomBoom bc everyone is here."

    It's an interesting, somewhat odd double feature.

    Cabin Down BelowSure, Cabin Down Below has its hipster credentials in place. There's the requisite Strokes connection, with Matt Romano (a member of Albert Hammond Jr.’s side project) being a co-owner, along with East Village punk mainstay Jesse Malin. Semi-indie darlings Drew Barrymore and Justin Long have been spotted making out in the basement bar. And  Lindsay Lohan, Kirsten Dunst and Barrymore (solo) recently graced the bar on the same night.

    As we know, Drew Barrymore has a knack for turning laidback East Village watering holes into the next big thing. More proof of Cabin's high-wattage crowd: taking pictures inside will probably get you kicked to the curb.

    And like its always troubled predecessor in late-night debauchery, Beatrice Inn, Cabin has seen its share of woes since opening last spring. The pizza shop that served as antechamber to Cabin's "secret" entrance closed last month, forcing patrons to round the corner and enter through a side door. Also, the toilets overflowed!

    But we wonder if Alphabet City is really on the radar for the type of upscale hipster that flocked to Beatrice, as opposed to the rattier sorts that usually favors the 'hood (along with the weekend B&Ters of course). You know the distinction: those that paid $200 for their flannel shirt at Odin vs. the kids that paid $10 at No Relation.

    Oh well, if a Robert Pattinson sighting isn't enough to bring the two tribes (and an army of screeching hormones) together, we don't know what is.