A former best friend penning a shocking tell-all about her blonde, much-publicized counterpart in a major publication? Sounds familiar, but no, we're not talking about Natalie and Caroline Calloway. This week's internet-breaking exposé comes from one Lysandra Ohrstrom, Ivanka Trump's years-long bestie who broke her silence about her disdain for the MAGA princess in Vanity Fair. Lysandra (or Ly, as Ivanka called her) a professional journalist with a self-described waspy upbringing, first met the nouveau riche socialite at their Upper East Side girls' school, Chapin, and was eventually even a maid-of-honor at her wedding. 

Apparently she's held her tongue for years, but her outrage at the Trump presidency, as well as her former friend's support of it all, has inspired her to go public about who Ivanka is in private. And let's just say, it ain't pretty. Read on for some of the wildest details we have absolutely no trouble believing about the soon-to-be-banished First Daughter.

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