Becoming a "socialite" is easy. It's staying a socialite that's hard. While an inherited name and fortune can automatically catapult a person into the glittering world of galas, fashion shows, and after-parties, the Pretty Young (And Moneyed) Things of the aughts knew just how to capitalize on their A-list spotlights, pioneering their roles on reality shows, getting into feuds with celebutantes, and flaunting their flair for dramatics at every (and we mean every) chance.

But, as they say, what rises on a pile of Page Six columns, must, eventually, fall into obscurity.

We've scoured our archives for some of the most promising gods and goddesses of the gossip pages, who, by now, we've almost completely forgotten about. Seriously, who knew Paris Hilton would be the one to come out on top?

[Photo courtesy Patrick McMullan]